The Prison by Ethel Smyth

In preparation for the Cecilia Chorus of New York's premiere in the USA of The Prison by Ethel Smyth, I have produced full audio-realisation, with individual rehearsal lines for double Soprano, Contralto, Tenor and Bass. It is a task that requires great care for more than 1000 bars of music and a running time of about 50 minutes. But the end result is that a work that has been very seldom heard can become familiar to choir members and their own practice can be done in the context of the work at large.


More scores for Dan Solin

Chat Noir Productions Ltd are producing a new series of films with acclaimed financier Dan Solin and I've been brought in once again as the composer for the project. Film 1 now complete!


Dyserth Castle

I'm very pleased to have finished scoring the Lost in Castles mini-documentary on Dyserth Castle.

It will be released ahead of the feature-length documentary on Rhuddlan Castle and will be available online. 


Messe Romane by Thierry Escaich

In preparation for the Cecilia Chorus of New York performance of Messe Romane by Thierry Escaich, I have been commissioned to produce rehearsal tracks for some of the choir parts. This involves producing a near-complete audio realisation of the score and then highlighting a particular vocal line to aid learning.


Active Cheshire: Part of the Movement

I've just scored Active Cheshire's new film from Chat Noir Productions Ltd:

Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales

Rhuddlan Castle: Gateway to Wales is the latest Lost in Castles feature-documentary. The score is just under 70 minutes long. It follows on from the 45 minute score for Middleham Castle, 75 minute score for Sandal Castle and 90 minutes for Conwy Castle. The score for Rhuddlan will soon be available to buy / download. As with the previous films, it is a rich and melodic orchestral score. Before the DVD of Rhuddlan Castle is available, I will have the pleasure to score a short extra feature on Dyserth Castle, to appear on the same DVD. Here is a sneak preview of the Dyserth Castle reconstruction by Lost in Castles:


Pass on your Passion! Soundtrack

Active Cheshire commissioned a film to promote their Pass on your Passion awards. I was happy to write the score:

Active Cheshire "Pass on your Passion" from Chat Noir Productions on Vimeo.


Advert for the National Kidney Federation

Advert for the National Kidney Federation that played many times on Sky over the Summer.

National Kidney Federation TV commercial from Chat Noir Productions on Vimeo.




Thanks to RepeatRepeat for a lovely commission scoring a video. Do check out their range of products:

Mail Boxes Etc. happy track

Mail Boxes Etc. is a great example of a video client that needs an original track that sounds as though it is off the peg! I scored this film the first time with lots of structural points and changes of tone, but the client needed it to hold one thought and that is what I did. (I did the voice-over too.)